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Export Globally with an Interpower Accessory Power Strip, Jumper Cords, & One Country-Specific Cord. 

One of the keys to success for a company is to have choices available to make a product more marketable. An accessory power system allows options that help to simplify power supply connections. It can also open up opportunities for new markets.

For a company choosing to export to global markets, it is advantageous to offer a product that is easily adapted without requiring reconfiguration by the end user. The Accessory Power System available through Interpower is one way that assists in meeting that need by helping to simplify the process of product design for export in the global market.

At Interpower, we can make it easier to build equipment that can be sold worldwide by incorporating into the product design the Accessory Power Strip, which is different IEC 60320 components working together in one system. The components are a common connector interface throughout the industrialized world which simplifies the task of specifying a connector to use on a cord set. IEC 60320 components are generally accepted for use globally.

For example, instead of having to make four different systems to export to four different countries, a company can design one system and then add a cord set with a country-specific plug. This allows the same system to be exported globally with cost-saving benefits.

Jumper Cord Sets

To further assist you, Interpower offers jumper cord sets to use in the Accessory Power system. A jumper cord set has an IEC 60320 plug connector (Sheet E or Sheet I) on one end and an IEC 60320 connector (C5, C13, or C19) on the other end. Jumper cord sets are designed for specific applications. They can be used to “jump” power from unit to unit within one application, which would include multiple pieces of equipment working together to accomplish one task. Using jumper cords with the Accessory Power Strip allows that one cord set is needed to connect to the primary power source (wall socket).

Interpower offers a variety of jumper cord sets that include current ratings of 2.5A to 20A and voltage ratings of 125VAC to 250VAC. They are available in different conductor sizes and cable types.

See the complete line of accessory power strips and jumper cords and cord sets offered by Interpower.

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