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Because Every Day is Critical in a Medical Setting

Patient safety and knowledge of appropriate medical standards are essential in the product design of hospital-grade products.

When designing, building, and maintaining hospital-grade products to be used in global markets, it is important to know if there is a standard that needs to be followed specific to that country or if it is a strongly-recommended preference. Some countries have medical equipment and/or component standards, while others have recommendations. Additionally, select hospitals may have requirements that they choose to follow specific to their facility.

The following countries/regions are areas that have a standard or recommendation specific to medical equipment and/or components (e.g. plugs): Australia, Denmark, European Union, Japan, and North America. For more details on specific countries/regions, see “More Information on Hospital-Grade Products” on the Interpower website.

Testing made-to-order hospital-grade cordsMeeting Hospital-Grade Needs

Interpower manufactures power cords and cord sets for a variety of global uses, including hospital-grade, and carries an extensive range of hospital-grade plugs, various cable lengths, and individual replacement cords. Power cords and cord sets can be made to customer specifications with a 1-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time on non-stock Interpower products. Value-added services include specialized labeling, packaging, and made-to-order assemblies.

For a complete solution, a combination of Interpower components can help to ensure proper electrical connectivity for use in health care facilities. See Hospital-Grade Products and the Featured Product page for more information.

Interpower customer service representative smilingFocus on Excellence

Contact Customer Service for assistance. Interpower has no minimum order or dollar requirements and offers a 1-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time on non-stock Interpower products and same day shipping on in-stock products. Quantity price breaks with blanket or scheduled orders are available, along with value-added services and free technical support.

Brochure on North American Standard and Hospital-Grade cords