1-WEEK LEAD-TIMES ARE BACK All Interpower manufactured products have returned  to 1-week lead-times!From North American and international hospital, industrial, and office grade country-specific power cord sets and components, Interpower manufactures world-class cords and components and ships them directly from the factory.  Customers can choose lengths, colors, packaging and a host of value-added services. Want them coiled, hanked, tied, bagged and boxed? Need 1-D or QR barcodes codes for easier warehousing?

With today’s high demand for sophisticated electronics, electrical manufacturers are looking to export to global markets. When designing for global markets, it is essential to ensure end users have the correct means of connecting to their local mains power supplies—the correct conductors and their corresponding colors (line, ground, neutral), AC cycles, amperages and voltages, and plug and connector configurations. Also important is offering equipment requiring no reconfiguration on the part of consumers—our cords, cord sets, and components are ready to use right out of the box!

No Minimum Order Requirements
Same Day Shipments from Stock
Blanket and Scheduled Orders Available

Interpower manufactures power cords and cord sets for countries and regions worldwide. See our complete line of North American and international power cord and cord sets. Determine the plug pattern for countries worldwide by checking the Guide to Worldwide Plug and Socket Patterns and Power Mains (Single-Phase).

Cord sets can be molded with IEC 60320 connectors such as a straight C5 or C7, a straight or angled C13, or a straight or angled C19. Interpower’s Made-to-Order (MTO) department hand-wires country-specific connectors for customers in select countries.

A wide variety of accessories are also available. Interpower connector locks can be added to prevent accidental or abrupt disconnections causing a loss of electrical continuity from the power source. Strain reliefs/cable glands are available to attach to cords near plug and connector ends which increase bend radius while decreasing frayed and broken wires. Interpower offers many other value-added safety components under “Accessories.”


Focus on Excellence

Interpower manufactures power cords and cord sets for a variety of global uses. There are no minimum order or dollar requirements, and we offer same day shipments on in-stock products! All Interpower manufactured cords are 100% tested and come with country-specific standards and approvals. Many cord lengths are in stock, plus value-added options include specialized lengths, labeling, and packaging.

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