IEC 60320

The IEC 60320 system makes it easy for original equipment manufacturers to adapt a product for export: just detach the cord set and attach the appropriate international cord set. This detachable system has one disadvantage: a cord set could become disconnected, causing a power interruption, or worse, it would create a gap between the contacts, resulting in increased contact resistance and possible electrical issues.

Introducing NEW Interpower Connector Locks

Interpower’s new Connector Locks can secure your cord to the power inlet or outlet and can help you avoid an accidental power interruption you cannot afford.

CNLK-85910500-150x150.jpg IEC 60320 C13/C14 Combinations

P/N: 85910500

CNLK-859105100-150x150.jpg IEC 60320 Sheet E/Sheet F Combinations

P/N: 85910510